Next Event: London – 25th July 2015

The Sonic Arts Forum is meeting in London on the 25th of July 2015 from 10.30am to 5.00pm at New Rivers Studios, 199, Eade Road, London N4 1DN .

If you would like to attend and introduce your work please e-mail – by 12pm on Monday 13th of July. Confirmation of whether or not you have a slot to introduce will be sent on the 13th of July before 12am.

Sonic Arts Forum events are open to all composers/sound artists who use technology to produce work. They offer a friendly, informal and supportive environment for feedback and discussion.

Previous events have covered sonic weapons, music for fruit machines, algorithmic composition, live electronics, audio visual works, music for film, acousmatic works, free improvisation, soundscape recording and much more.

As part of the day there will also be a free improvisation session where all are welcome to participate.

The Sonic Arts Forum Meeting will be followed by an evening concert of live electronic and acousmatic works. Details for the evening concert will be posted separately.

SAF @ Huddersfield 2nd July 2015

Venue: University of Huddersfield (Creative Arts building)


FREE admission

10.00 – Tea / Coffee introduction
10.30 – Ian J Cole – Live mobile technology
11.00 – Ian Gibson – Interactive Installation
11.30    Tea Break
11.45 – Ewan Stefani – Analogue synthesizer ensemble
12.15 – Manoli Moriaty – Subverting Faulty Technology
12.45 – Lunch
13.45 – Freeform improv
14.00 – Rob Mackay – Geological Music
14.30 -Patrick Gunawan Hartono – electroacoustic works
15.00 – Vanessa Massera – Acousmatic
15.30 – Tea break
15.45 – 4.15 Steve Benner – Icelandic sound recording
16.15 – Sebastien Lavoie – Interfacing EDM and Electroacoustic Music
16.45– Lisa Whistlecroft – Field recording in Iceland
17.15 – Peter De Moncey Connegliano – Acousmatic humour

Contact for information:

Lincoln, 24th October 2014

Students Union Building
Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln

Details of how to find the venue are here

Schedule for the day


10:00 – 10:30 Peter K Rollings – Experimental Sonic Machines
10:35 Magda Stawarska-Beavan – Soundscape Installation
11:10 Ian J Cole – Field Recording
11:40-12:00 Break
12:00-12:30 Charles Matthews – Composition for Transducers and Gamelan

12:30-1:30pm Lunch


1:30pm-1:55pm Free Improvisation (all welcome to participate)
2:00-2:30 Aiste Noreikait – Brain Machines
2:30-3:00 Coryn Smethurst – Acousmatic Industrial
3:00-3:15 Break
3:15-3:45 Kamil Kowalczyk – Ambient Drone
3:50-4:20 Marco Mellis – Granular Synthesis
4:25-4:55 Luca Nasciuti – Location Specific Acousmatic
5:00-5:30 Chrissie Caulfield – Ambient DJ
5:35-6:05 Mari Ohno – Sound Installations

Extra information in order

Peter K Rollings

Magda Stawarska-Beavan

Kraków to Venice in 12 Hours was presented in Museumsquartier Vienna as part of TONSPUR programme in the summer 2013
8 channel installation (12 hours audio) synced in real time from 8 am – 8 pm.  Multichannel audio piece is design to change perspective on the architectural structure of the location where piece is presented.

Noise pollution is a common concern in today’s architecture and urban planning but at the same time city soundscape is an integral part of the identity of the location.  Urban sound gives us a point of orientation on a journey.

Kraków to Venice in 12 Hours maps a journey across Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Slovenia to Italy, visiting Krakow, Katowice, Bielsko-Biala, Ostrava, Brno, Bratislava, Vienna, Graz, Maribor, Ljubljana, Trieste and Venice. The journey was undertaken on a railway connecting Eastern and Western Europe that was built during the reign of the Austro-Hun garian Empire.

The project attempts to captures the unique sonic identities of the 12 cities travelled through, searching for similarities and differences. It acts as a personal and subjective audio travel guide and a clock for the journey, mapping the movement through geographical locations over the passage of time. The artist captures the city with binaural microphones; two microphones are worn in her ears as she moves through the city giving a personal time space perspective of the city soundscape. The unobtrusive microphones also bring the artist passing snippets of unguarded conversations interwoven with the unique sonic footprint of the city. The language recorded on the streets, stations, town squares and cafes is an important element of the piece; marking the transition from one country to another, it serves as a spatial and temporal reference for the traveler in a borderless Schengen Europe. The structure of a 12-hour clock forms the basis of the immersive multichannel sound installation. In this 12 hour-long composition, the times of the recordings are synchronous with the real time of the installation’s location.

The piece exist online as an interactive website:
East [Hyphen] West – Sound Impressions of Istanbul (work in progress)

The project will explore the cultural complexities of Istanbul, and examine if, and how, the cultural boundaries of ‘West’ and ‘East’ are reflected in the soundscape of the city. As a rapidly growing city, Istanbul is continually developing new connections between the two continents on which it sits. The Marmaray rail opened in October 2013 and the completion of Yavuz Sultan Selim – the third Bosphorus Bridge is planned for 2015. East [hyphen] West will map this shifting soundscape and capture the sonic environment of Istanbul at a particular point in time.

During a four-week visit to the city this summer, I recorded the general ambience of the city and the specific sounds in, on and around the Bosporus, captured during various crossings on different modes of transport. The audio content – which moves from the macro soundscapes of the city to micro sounds captured under the water – will form the basis of a limited-edition publication and vinyl record (artist sound-book). This will include five sound compositions, as well as visual images and contextual essays from writers in Istanbul and UK.

Ian J Cole

Ian is a Composer, Musician, Producer and Sound Designer who has been working in the music industry since he signed his first independent recording contact in 1981. Over the years Ian has been commissioned to write music for Education, TV, Film, Software and the Internet. He has also been involved in writing pop, rock and folk songs for a number of artists.

His latest album (The Clifton Hotel – Bristol 1) is the first 60 minutes of a trilogy of music based on a three hour thunderstorm recorded throughout the night in Bristol on the 8th June 2012. The work blends harp, oboe and a string quartet with synthesisers and home-grown samples, the album is formally released on August 31.

He lives in East Yorkshire and has studied for Masters degrees in Multimedia and Education (2001) and Music Technology (2011) which have allowed him to develop unusual methods of composition by designing his own software based compositional and music production tools. These tools are especially useful when it comes to the sound design compositions that Ian creates.

Ian’s music has been used and performed in France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Argentina, USA and the UK which has culminated in him producing several solo and collaborative albums. Ian’s music is licensed in American for TV, Film and the web by Muse IQ in New York and through Sinners Music Publishing in the UK and other Territories.

Ian is the founder of the Sinners Music Publishing, a UK based Record Company and Music Publisher created predominantly for the projects that Ian is involved in but now releases the works of other artists.

Charles Matthews


Charles Matthews is a performer and composer working in London, UK.  Charles first began experimenting with noise and industrial music as a teenager growing up in Japan.  Since 1999 he has released experimental dance music as Ardisson, including several 12”s on Seed Records.  His performances often combine vinyl, custom tools developed in Max/MSP, drum machines, synthesisers, and feedback.

More recently Charles’s focus has been the combination of gamelan with electroacoustic music, which formed the subject of his recent AHRC funded PhD research at Middlesex University.  In the past year he has studied in Indonesia at the Institute of Arts (ISI Surakarta), and joined various semi-professional and community groups in performances of traditional music.  He is currently working on a project called Augmented Gamelan: a chamber ensemble incorporating instruments modified with transducers.


Aiste Noreikait

Experience Helmet
Sound Art installation, 2014

The Experience Helmet is a device designed to work as a real-time interface between human mind and sound synthesis. By letting the user to hear how his own brain works, Experience Helmet is seeking to enhance self-awareness because all you hear is yourself. The information is received through an EEG sensor that reads user body’s natural bio-signals from the brain and outputs them as a power spectrum of alpha, beta, theta and delta waves along with eSense meters for attention and meditation. The Experience Helmet uses those signals as control messages to shape pure sine waves and reflect the person’s emotional and cognitive state with sound. It can be used as a tool to get acquainted with executive control system of the mind or as a ‘soundtrack’ to different experiences that are gained while pitching through various places with the helmet on.


Coryn Smethurst

Coryn Smethurst is a composer, i mproviser, multi-award winning wildlife recording engineer, philosopher, photographer and film maker.  He gained his MA in Philosophy and Visual Arts from Essex University and his PhD on the Philosophy of Music from Warwick University.  His piece Birthday Picnic on the Mudflats – A Postcard From My Childhood was featured on the Sonic Postcards CD.  His work has been performed in Europe, America, Australia, Canada and Asia.  He has collaborated with the visual artists Duncan Marshall (‘Black Sun Bloody Moon’ for percussion, fixed media and slides) and Dave Griffiths (‘Symbolic Exchange and Death’ and ‘Some Late Turners’ for film and fixed media).  He has also set up several installations, most recently in the Penthouse Gallery (Manchester) and Manchester Museum as well as providing the sound material for Ewan Stefani’s Type-writer installation at Leeds University.  As a keen vocal improviser Coryn recently led a workshop on field recordings and improvisation.  He chaired the in/from the out sound art conference held in Manchester.

Recent papers include ‘Movement as perception: Bergson, Deleuze and hybridity between electroacoustic and intelligent dance music’ read at the Embracing Rhythm, Welcoming Abstraction co nference held at Salford University (publication in Contemporary Music Review forthcoming) and The derivation of temporal musical structures from wildlife vocalisations read at the Sonic Fusions Festival March 2014.

He is the co-founder and organiser for the Sonic Arts Forum (SAF) ( SAF organises meetings which provide a platform for practitioners to introduce their works to their peers in an informal environment, in addition to staging concerts and promoting the work of UK based composers.

Some of his audio work can be heard here

Kamil Kowalczyk

Kamil Kowalczyk is an accomplished electronic musician/audio artist who has been experimenting with electronic music and sounds since about 2002.

Originally from Poland, Kamil is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland, from where he produces his cutting edge music and performs live to spellbound audiences across Scotland and beyond.

Kamil has always been interested in sounds, particularly “electronic sounds”, ie those created through using artificial devices like synths or through of the synthesis of different kinds of sounds, or “anything in-between”.

Since childhood he has had a fascination for listening to the sounds that surround us, the sounds created by nature, by machines, by everyday devices and everything which seems “unusual”.

His first experiments with sounds came in 1996, when he began to use a simple old Casio keyboard and a tape deck, playing around and producing random-sounding “noise” and “drone”, without knowing the terms for such things existed.

Around 2002 he started working with computers and software to compose his music and experiment with sounds. Since 2006 he has released seven albums in mp3 format on the renowned US net label ‘Zenapolae’.

In 2010 Kamil made his live debut, playing atmospheric and boundary-breaking gigs to audiences at various venues. In the same year he also established his very first label, ‘Prototyp Produktions Ltd’, as a platform to release and promote his music and other audio visual works which will appear in the future.

He is also running a concert series in Edinburgh called “Soundscapism”, a series of performances which are focused on ambient, drone, soundscape and space electronic music.< br>


Marco Mellis

I am a sound artist/designer. I studied Sound Design at the Edinburgh College of Art and Sonic Arts in Rome (Italy), the latter being closely related to the Electronic Music department of Rome’s conservatory. Both courses had a pronounced artistic orientation, which gave me the opportunity to start my personal journey within sound art.

Even though I see my work as collectively experimental, I believe that some “experiments” worked better than others—in most cases, they simply had more time to reach a significant stage. Those are the ones filed under Selected Pieces.

Luca Nasciuti

Luca Nasciuti is a composer, curator and artist based in London and Scotland. He trained in electroacoustic composition, classical music, visual and performing arts.

He performs, exhibits, and broadcasts internationally, and most recently at Jerwood Space, London (UK), Royal Festival Hall, London (UK), Sonic Arts Waterford (IE), Villa Romana, Florence (IT), and Deutsche Bank Kunstalle, Berlin (DE).

His work spans installation, video, and performance. It focuses on the legacy between acoustic and electronic sound and interplay of sonic and visual practices within site-specific contexts.

He is a PhD candidate in Musical Composition at the University of Aberdeen with a scholarship awarded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.


Chrissie Caulfield

“Ambient DJ – The trials of using the ‘wrong’ MIDI controller”
When I decided to pick a new MIDI controller for a live piece, I ended up writing more software than I intended. The result was a (probably) unique application for ambient soundscaping.

Chrissie Caulfield is a violinist and composer based in Leeds. One half of Dark Rock band Helicopter Quartet and also experimental live electronics outfit CSMA, she is not above writing far too much software for a project if that’s what it needs to make it work.

Chrissie has toured with rock bands, played in orchestras and made strange noises with fruit bowls and candles. On the Saturday of Sonophilia she will be performing her 40 minute paean to computer pioneer and mathematician Ada Lovelace in the Soundspiral on the lawn of Lincoln Castle.

Mari Ohno

Mari Ohno is an artist, composer and sound designer, based in London and Tokyo. She was born in 1984 in Tokyo. She is a MFA student in the programme of Computational Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London, after studied in the master’s programme of Creativity in Music and Sound at Tokyo University of the Arts, focusing primarily in the areas of sound installation and electroacoustic composition, exploring various dimensions of human perception. In addition to her own work, she has also collaborated with other artists in composition and sound
design for films.

Her works have been presented at various events in Japan and other countries, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Wonder Site, FILE (Brazil), NIME, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, among others. Her works have been broadcast on TV and radio programmes internationally, such as NHK (Japan), Radio France, Stress FM (Portugal), and Radio Adelaide (Australia).

She has been selected for prestigious competitions including Japan Media Arts Fesitival as the jury selection, Tokyo Sonic Art Award as the Grand Prix, the International Composition Competition and Workshop Adelaide (Australia) as one of ten winners, CCMC 2012 (Japan) as a finalist of Le Prix ACSM116, and nominated for the 18th and 19th Campus Genius Award (Japan). In addition, her works have also been selected for participation in Tokyo Experimental Festival, WOCMAT(Taiwan), QUBIT (USA), among others.


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